Ongoing Shaklee Fundraiser

All-natural nutrition, cleaning, and beauty products ordered benefit us up to 20%+ depending on total orders in a given calendar month. 

Orders can be placed through our own Shaklee website here under the "Shopping" tab, by calling 1-800-SHAKLEE or by contacting Sue Youtz.

2018 Update


In our third full year with the fundraiser, many church members have already told other family members, a friend or neighbor and shared a catalog.  Current promotions are listed here.

This is a great way to redirect dollars we are already spending to help support the church. 

Some of the popular items have been:

  • Nutrition

  • Vitalizer daily multi-vitamin strip

  • Life Shake protein

  • Incredivites kids multi-vitamin

  • Vita-D3

  • Optiflora Probiotic pearl

  • VitalMag

  • CoQ10

  • Beauty

  • Enfuselle AM repair moisturizer

  • Enfuselle hydrating moisturizer

  • Multifpurpose cream

  • Cleaning

  • Basic H2 organic super cleaning concentrate w/ spray bottles

  • Dish washer automatic powder concentrate

  • Hand dish wash liquid concentrate

  • Scour Off Paste

  • Germ off disinfecting wipes

  • Laundry liquid detergent and fabric softener

Any questions, feel free to contact Sue:

Products are plant-based. Safe, Proven, 100% Guaranteed. Trusted by astronauts, Olympians & nutritionists.

Thank you again for supporting the Shaklee fundraiser!

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