The United Methodist Church provides summer camp and year-round retreat experiences for all ages with the goal that campers and guests will experience authentic relationships, connections to creation, loving hospitality, and lifelong memories.

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Camp Scholarship Information

Countryside Community Church's Young People's Ministry Council desires that all children and youth be able to attend camp and retreat events, regardless of their ability to pay. Through generous donors, funds exist to assist families who do not have sufficient income support to help cover the camp fee.

To be eligible, a youth applicant must be:

  • Regularly active in church and/or youth group (as much as possible before and during the pandemic) prior to completing an application; and

  • Recommended by his/her pastor/youth leader and parent/guardian.

By contributing a portion of the camp cost, your church family has an opportunity to share in the camp experience with those who receive assistance.

In our effort to have funds available for all youth needing financial assistance, each youth/family should pay, at minimum, the initial registration fee. Since camperships are awarded based primarily on need, accurate and complete information provided to the campership team is important. In addition, each family is expected to contribute a portion of the cost of the camp experience. We encourage each family to seek and apply for any financial assistance offered by the camp itself through grants or scholarships.

Countryside Campership applications are due by June to allow time for review and response. If approved, the campership amount will be sent directly to the camp once registration is completed by the applicant’s family. The campership is for a specific individual and is not transferrable to any other youth or siblings.

Separate applications must be made for each individual needing assistance. All information requested must be provided for consideration and will remain confidential within the team responsible for granting camperships.

Assistance will be considered based on need and the individual’s active participation in church and/or youth group activities.

Each request will be reviewed by the pastor and a team of church members from the Young People’s Ministry Council. Campership awards and all information submitted are confidential and will not be shared outside of the campership team.

Upon application review, a decision will be made and communicated to each applicant’s family by June  to allow for adequate time to complete camp registration.