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Dear Members and Friends of Countryside Community Church,

A Task force has been appointed by your church council to evaluate and recommend conditions necessary to reopen our church for worship after closing due to the Corona Virus Pandemic. In consideration of the constraints the pandemic has placed upon us and the need to stay safe, we will be following guidelines provided by the state of Pennsylvania, the Federal Center for Disease Control, and our Susquehanna Conference. An informational letter was recently sent (a copy is enclosed) to regular attendees, seeking input for the possible reopening of our church for worship as we work through the phases of restrictions put in place during this time.

Unfortunately, only a small percentage of responses were received, resulting in an inadequate amount of feedback to make an informed, representative approach possible. In order to move forward with a possible reopening plan, we are now asking our membership to share their feelings on this challenging process.

We ask everyone who reads this to carefully consider the information in the attached letter and complete the questionnaire belowno later than July 31st.

Since the August 2nd reopening date listed in the letter is no longer possible, a new reopening date will be established once we receive an adequate number of responses to move forward. Your prompt response will enable the task force to implement a plan for reopening our church that considers the input of our membership as well as federal, state, and UMC guidelines and  requirements. We feel we will need a majority of our congregation to respond to adequately gauge everyone’s feelings. A strong response would give our task force the confidence to move ahead in a fair and efficient manner, given the constraints over which we have no control.

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