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Countryside Youth Fellowship is the Youth Ministry of Countryside Community Church, whose members are in 5th grade through 12th.  Mentored by a team of adults, we are a youth-lead group active in service to God, our church and our community.  We have a passion for service and are committed to several missions as we focus on making disciples for Christ.  

Friends & fun are plentiful and we hope you’ll join us!

We meet every other Sunday from 12-2pm and everyone is invited to join us.  For more information, contact Sal Sollami or Debra Doran through the church office @ 570.587.3206 or


We hope to encourage fellowship at the hospitality time directly after the Sunday worship service.  Those who are currently disciples of Jesus Christ can most readily make new disciples by sharing in fellowship with new people, as with current church members as well.  Connecting with current church members presents us with time to plan, arrange for other events or simply share in one’s life.  Every small group in the church hosts Sunday hospitality time. We have twelve small groups to do hospitality, each one approximately four times year.  We have planned special hospitality time for Easter Sunrise Service, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Children’s Day (last Sunday of Sunday school), church picnic, Veterans’ Day and on fifth Sundays.  Leadership in our church feels as though Sunday fellowship falls into a category of missions, a mission that we administer to each other, a time to share with each other and for new people to get to know us.  Although we try to keep hospitality within reason, at times it has grown into full meals, and we usually service approximately eighty people.  We also have others in the church who are not attached to these small groups, but who nevertheless assist with hospitality.  Countryside is truly blessed to have such a fellowship time for folks to share with each other.

Hug Day


Hug Day is a multi-generational event in which we visit, sing with, pray with, take communion with, present gifts made by our Youth Group and cards made by our Sunday School students, and hug our homebound members.  Our church family is divided into groups and each group visits one or two members.  This event happens once a year following Sunday Worship and a Hospitality Luncheon.  Everyone is welcome to be part of this.

Funeral Dinners

The funeral committee provides a meal for the family and friends of the deceased if they so desire.  We have three menu choices including ham, chicken, or pasta - various sides and desserts are offered as well. The committee has a chairperson and a co-chair.  Volunteers from the church help supply, prepare, and service the food.  We do not charge a fee for this service, but a donation is always accepted.  The proceeds go into the general fund of the church.

Mission Team


Countryside Community Church’s Mission Team is comprised of people whose focus is outreach to those who need help and support, both on a temporary and long term basis, and is funded through the church budget. The Team also chooses a monthly designee for the Mission basket, a collection taken separate from the regular plate offering. All monies collected for the month go to that organization or group. The Team sponsors various drives and item collections throughout the year for those in need of basic supplies, such as flood buckets, homeless shelter items, as well as shoes, coats and winter accessories, monthly food pantry menu suggestions and an angel tree at Christmas. We support camperships for our youth to attend summer church camp and attempt to bring awareness of the plight and injustice in the world to our congregation and surrounding area. The Mission Team is an “open” team, with no minimum or maximum number of members, and we welcome anyone interested to bring new enthusiasm and ideas to our meetings. We meet in the second Tuesday of every other month at 6:30 PM in the meeting room.  The Mission Team is chaired by Jill Imdorf (

Sunday School

Sunday School starts September 9, 2018 for all ages - 9:00 AM to to 9:45 AM.

Adults meet in the meeting room, children are downstairs. If you are interested and your child has not attended before, please see Wendy Molitoris. There is a van service if needed. Please call the church in advance to make arrangements.

Spiritual Nurture Team Bible Study


The Spiritual Nurture Team hosts an hour long Bible Study in the church meeting room every Monday And Thursday @ 10 AM.  No materials other than a Bible are required.  If you don’t have a Bible, one will be provided for you! 


Home Touch


This team writes letters to persons in the church, the community, and around the world, offering words of encouragement, comfort and care. 

Prayer Works


This team promotes, encourages, and facilitates growth in prayer for individuals and the community.  It oversees the prayer chain and the weekly prayer list. 


Dalton Food Pantry


Countryside Community Church supports the Dalton Food Pantry by contributing approximately three boxes of non-perishable food per week.  They are the product of and governed by the Abington Ecumenical Ministerium and are celebrating 35 years of service.  They are coordinated by Nancy Thompson.  It is held at the Dalton United Methodist Church and serves 70 families on a regular basis.  The families are allowed to come two times per month.  They are open from 6 pm to 7:30 pm on Mondays.

Equal Exchange


Equal Exchange is a fair trade company that we participate in as one of our mission projects. It is a worker owned co-operative that supports small farmers who are then supported by congregations and organizations nationwide.

 The Panzi Hospital was founded by Dr. Dennis Mukwege in The Democratic Republic of the Congo and benefits from the sale of Congo coffee. Congo coffee is one of the products offered through this program. One dollar of every pound sold goes to the hospital and Equal Exchange has given $60,000 so far.

 Since 1999 the hospital has treated tens of thousands of women who are survivors of epidemic sexual violence or are in need of reproductive or maternal care. Beyond the medical, their care includes essential counseling, skill training, literacy education and day care.

 This is only one of the stories that are part of why we and others are involved in this worthwhile project. 

  There are a variety of products available besides different types of coffee and also from different countries.

  Much more information is available online at


Warm Hugs

Our mission is to give a “Warm Hug” to people within our church family and also to anyone in our community who needs a loving, caring touch. Our “hugs” have also been distributed to area nursing homes, chemotherapy and radiation centers, Children’s Advocacy Center, Ronald McDonald house, area ambulances, Allied Hospice and the Gino Merli Veterans Center. This is one way Countryside is fulfilling our mission statement to spread God’s love and grace in a spirit filled community.

 A “Warm Hug” is a fleece shawl with pockets that we fill with handmade pocket crosses with a prayer note, tissues, hand sanitizers, lotion, candy, notepad and pen and a note from Countryside wishing them well. Every time someone uses this shawl we hope they feel the love with which it was made. We have given away over 3000 shawls. We meet about once a month to cut, sew and package the “hugs”. It is like an old fashioned sewing bee during which we enjoy and have fellowship with one another.

 This outreach was created in 2007 and continues at Countryside until the present time. We are a self-funded outreach thanks to everyone who supports our annual “Dutch Auction” and pot-luck dinner. Congregants also donate the items for the pockets.

 Our sincere hope for the future is that Countryside will be a vital member of the community and will have this and many more programs to connect with our family, friends and neighbors. We thank God for all he has provided.


Vacation Bible School


This team organizes and operates a week-long evening Vacation Bible School for children in July beginning with a light supper @ 5:30 PM followed by fun learning experiences and activities.  Children from throughout greater Clarks Summit, Newton, and Ransom townships are invited to participate.

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